Part 2: Diet & Exercise

1. Cut back on eating refined Carbohydrates (Bread, Pasts, etc). Also cut back on eating sugar (Any sugar, small amount of natural sugar is ok)

2. Take fermented foods (Dhokla, Dosa, Idli, lassi) and take good probiotic.

3. Stop using your cleansers, face creams, makeup etc. If you are going to use these, choose natural products.

4. Eat more Veggies. They purify your blood of toxins that causes Acne.

5. Drink more water. Try to increase your water intake from current levels.

6. Move Around: Make it a habit to run & jumping ropes.

7. Take a multivitamin each day. Make sure that you get enough Vitamin A daily either by the way of your food of through a multivitamin. will help your skin regenerate quicker, reduce wrinkles, and clear away spots and blemishes

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