How to avoid Pregnancy-

The sexual relation between man and woman is not necessarily a mere act of pleasure and physical satisfaction but it is a course of major physiological functioning which is associated with reproduction. Any woman who has attained puberty and has become sexually active is prone to become pregnant in the event of an unprotected sexual relation. There are some cases in which there is no pregnancy in females after sex, owing to fertility problems or menstruation, otherwise all the fertile females are at the risk of getting pregnant if they involve in a sexual act without using any contraceptive method.

There are many reasons that many couples may not wish to have a baby especially if they are not married or they already have children and don’t want any more child. There are a number of methods which can be easily followed by couples to avoid pregnancy. Let’s know more about these methods-

Barrier Contraceptives-

barrier contraceptives

This is the easiest and practical method which is very popular among couples in order to prevent pregnancy. Barrier Contraceptives are easily available in medical stores and can be used by each and every person who is sexually active. Condoms (male & female), Intra-uterine devices, are some of the readily available methods of barrier protection. These contraceptives act as a barrier and don’t allow the semen to enter the vagina and prevent any fertilization. This is also a great method to be safe from various sexual diseases.

Oral / Medicinal Contraception-

oral contraceptive pils

This is another method followed by many couples to avoid pregnancy and also to avoid any emergency situation in which the barrier method has failed in providing protection. These are basically hormonal pills or injections which regulate the level of hormonal secretions in the body which are not in favor of pregnancy. Oral contraceptives or injections should be taken only after seeking the advice of a gynecologist to avoid any kind of side effects.

Safe Days’ Method:-

safe days method

This is also a method to avoid pregnancy and works well for many couples. It is based on the calculation of the safe days of the menstrual cycle of a woman on which practicing sex without any contraception may not result in pregnancy. This method is effective for those women who have regular periods and their menstrual cycle doesn’t fluctuate every month. Although it is effective in preventing pregnancy, it is not hundred percent sure besides it doesn’t give any protection from the sexually transmitted diseases.

Withdrawal Method-

withdrawal method

This method is purely based on the fact that the seminal fluid is not released inside the vagina and due to which there is no chance of getting pregnant. This holds true in cases where males are able to properly control their urge to ejaculate inside the female sex organ. This requires a lot of practice and is involved with the risk of pregnancy in case of premature ejaculation. This is not a trusted method although many people believe it to be a great method to prevent pregnancy.

Surgical procedures:-

surgical procedure

This applies to both men & women and either of them can undergo this safe method in order to avoid the burden of pregnancy. This method ensures maximum protection from pregnancy as one of the partners is sterilized which can never result in any pregnancy. The surgical method is advised only for those couples who have completed their family and don’t wish to have more children. This method should not be followed by those couples who still don’t have any child or wish for more children in future.

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