How to getting to know your Husband more intimately-

Intimacy is closely associated with marriage. There cannot be a certain degree of closeness without two individuals being intimate, both mentally and physically. Intimate relationship is not only attributed to the physical proximity between husband and wife; instead it accounts for the level of closeness and understanding between them.

When we talk about intimacy, one thing that instantly strikes the mind is the sexual aspect associated with it. So, most of the couples are confused with the idea of intimacy and remain ignorant about a lot of things taking place between them. So, being the female counterpart the things or tricks that can help in knowing your male companion in an intimate way are summarized as below-

  • Ø Spend quality time with him alone-

intimate everteen

This is common for both newly wedded couple as well as those who have walked the aisle years before. Spending time alone with your husband will certainly reap you fruitful results. This doesn’t means that you are busy in only ‘doing the deed’ but also talking about each other’s best kept secrets, some moments very personal to you also come out of the layers of your heart and this eventually builds up an intimate relationship between husband and wife.

If a couple have kids, then taking out time once in a week, when the kids are out for picnic or on the beach, would be the best time for being caught up alone and indulge in some healthy intimacy.

  • Ø The heavenly touch-

be ready for an unconditional love

Most of the couples have a thing for the special touch by their partners. The same thing is with your husband too. Your touch can create a magician’s effect on your husband. Here the touch being talked about is one out of the five senses that is being related to and nothing else…! Make an eye contact with your husband and talk about his likes and dislikes and tell him about yours.

The heavenly touch can be a caring one like the fingers running through his mane or cuddling him in a caring way. Listening to him will also open a few more layers of shyness and he will be able to share the most of the personal things with you…J

maintain a friendly relation with your Husband

Being with your husband has certainly great perks like you both can head out on a romantic holiday any time you like. Travelling together and gaining adventurous e experiences will build up a certain level of intimacy between you two and eventually talking about the holiday will bring back the fun filled laughter and the passionate moments that you created while you were on the trip.

When you treat your husband just as your best friend, there is a great possibility that he will share everything with you without any hesitation. He will resist from sharing anything if he considers that you don’t respect his feelings and make fun of his best kept secrets. So act like you both are long lost friends and enjoy your time just as best buddies do.

This act of intimacy will certainly strengthen the bond that exists between you two.

  • Ø Be ready for an unconditional love-

the heavenly touch

Love should be unconditional without any doubts. And that is what a husband expects from his spouse. So make sure to love him without expecting anything in return. It is not a give and take relationship and he is your husband and will definitely do things to make you happy, it’s just you don’t ask him to do anything in exchange for your love.

Don’t feel shy in front of your husband as there is no need to do so. He is the one who is the closest person to you, after your parents, so there is no need to hesitate in front of him. Try to do things that please him, be it wearing his favorite dress or watching a movie he loves, or enjoying a cricket match and bonding over all the knowledge he has about his favorite sport. This will built a special spot in his heart for you and you get to know him in the best possible way.

  • Ø Have a word on sensitive issues-

Marriage is taken in a complete sense which subjects to not only two bodies being united by love but also two individuals who come together to move forward in the same direction. Talk him on matters of family, planning about future, kids, your goals and targets to be achieved in life. These intricate matters can be easily talked over between you two so that everything is crystal clear between the two of you and there is no place of any kind of dilemma over these sensitive matters of life. This move of yours will be appreciated by your husband eventually and you will get to know his beliefs and opinion in these matters.

  • Ø Share everything with your Husband-

Always share everything with your husband. It is not a good thing to hide things from him, let it be anything. Be honest and open your heart out in front of him. This will give you an emotional relief that you have the full dedication for this relationship and this step will ensure that your husband also accepts all his follies and mistakes of the past in front of you.

So, briefly it can be said that intimacy is not a mere act of physical attraction but a deeper and emotional connection between husband and wife which involves affection and understanding between them. The love that exists is deeper and takes into account each other’s interests as well as conflicts.

Do let us know your tips of knowing your husband more intimately 🙂