Give options to a lady; Go for Movie or go for gossips with your friends, the higher chances is that she will choose the latter one. Woman enjoys gossips and their topics vary from kitchen utensils to bollywood, Ranbir Kapoor, SRK and Angelina jolie. Except politics, they like to discuss everything. They are not concerned who is going to be next PM Narender Modi or Manmohan Singh, they give a damn to it although entire nation (man) is talking about that only.

So same goes with my women friends also, whenever we meet, generally the topics of our gossips are movies, bollywood, dresses etc. Have you seen Chennai Express? Deepika was looking so fit and stunning. And other responds more enthusiastically, Forget Deepika of Chennai Express, Did you watch the trailer of Ramleela. Wow, Deepika is looking so pretty and beautiful in Red Ghaghra. God, she is so fit and active, even without make up. I am going to have the same Red Ghaghra as is of Deepika in Ramleela. 

And then I think, is that the only criteria of being healthy, fit or energetic as perceived by my women friends. This time, I thought to break the monotony of discussion by asking some questions to them which may sound weird but affecting every 2nd woman genuinely. We actually may not know that even an apparently healthy looking woman may be facing health or wellness issues which are not visible. Therefore, I initiated the discussion in the direction that how much you care for your vaginal health? Have you ever experienced any vaginal problems related vaginal dryness, or vaginal hygiene? And to my surprise, all the women in that group of mine were facing one or more vaginal problems which they were completely ignoring. Later on during the discussion, they admitted that though they are ignoring these vaginal problems but they feel very uncomfortable about these problems and it, actually, is affecting their quality of life. And then most of them shared their vaginal problems, the responses were like: 

… “Lately I have started experiencing pain when I and my husband have sex, earlier there was no problem and I feel dryness inside my vagina”…..

… “My vagina smells so bad that I keep feeling it entire day as if everyone next to me can smell it. And it smells so much from inside that even the penis of my husband after sex smell after he pulls it out”…. 

… “Recently I smelled an odour in my vagina which I have never had and there is thickish smelly white discharge coming out of vagina”… 

… “I feel lot of itching, irritation and burning feeling in my vagina and I am embarrassed to discuss this with anyone”…

So all of them were having one or more problem which they had been experiencing yet they hesitated to take these topics in common discussions. “The above are common symptoms of vaginal problems and if ignored can lead to serious complications” I explained to them. 

It is very important that we do observes these small changes in our vaginal area as it can be symptoms of vaginal infections such as a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, ,trichomoniasis. 

I warned my all women friends in the group to be really careful about their vaginal problems and adopt appropriate habits for maintaining vaginal health & hygiene. And the same, I urge to all females that women health is not just about look or cosmetics, it’s more than that and vaginal health is something you should be very conscious about. 

Even if we idolise these celebrities like Angelina, Kate Winslet, Katrina, Kareena or Deepika, we should understand that they are very well disciplined about their health. Are we so? Or we are just happy to do gossips about their fitness or look beautiful by adopting their style or dresses.  
It’s not only make-up or look which brings that charm or fitness or energetic feeling in the body it’s the complete health which these celebrities focus irrespective of their busy and erratic work hours. So if you really feel that someone is very beautiful or pretty or charming then it is her efforts to take care of her overall health both internally and externally. So next time when you see your favourite actress on screen, just not see her dress, try to explore what all efforts she is putting in to maintain that charm.