You know how you ‘fall in Love’ but you should not ignore the fact which may make you ‘Fail in Love’.
You fall in love to make life beautiful for your partner and for your self and you dream of a wonderful and delightful relationship filled with lot of love throughout the journey of life. But unfortunately it does not happen all the time and sometime people end up with bad relationship making them ‘Fail in Love’.  You make sure that you nurture your love and relationship with utmost care so that you live your dreams of lovely life. Here are some useful tips assembled from practical experiences & youqueen, I hope it shall help you in making a great love life with your partner.
1. Love Life and Real Life:
Though your love life is your real life, but its better to be practical when you plan your life with your partner. You may dream of having a house with rainbow painting behind it where you & your partner are riding a white horse like a Prince & Princess. Good, Dreaming is good but its good to be practical.  When you are deep in love, you think that your relationship can survive anything, but you need to give time to everything. Don’t hurry and try to understand what is feasible and possible.
Take the time to explore what you both want out of life and see if you’re headed in the same direction. While your dreams don’t have to be exact, they at least have to be in the same ball park.
2. Making him personally responsible for your Happiness:
Ladies, You do this all the time. But, it’s not his responsibility to make you happy all the time. It’s yours. Sure, he can add to your happiness, but to make him completely responsible for it is like making him responsible for the sun coming up. It’s beyond his control.
The key to being happy as a couple is being happy as individuals. Do things that make you smile. If you’re happy with yourself, you’re more likely to be happy with him.
3. Share what you have in your mind:
Sometimes we expect our guys to be mind readers. Like they should know how we feel or when something upsets us. But the truth is, they can’t read our minds any more than we can read theirs.
Even if he knows you’re upset, he isn’t necessarily going to do the girl-thing and push and prod you until you finally say what’s wrong. No, he’s likely to do the guy thing. He’s going to pretend nothing is wrong until you say it is.
If there’s something on your mind, say it. Put it out there. You can’t resolve an issue with him if he doesn’t know it exists.
4. Spending quality time together:
Life gets hectic. You have work, kids and home obligations and when you do have a little bit of time, you have no energy left. Date night takes second fiddle to kid’s soccer games and what used to be quiet time alone is now time spent trying to get the kids to brush their teeth into bed at a reasonable time.
Sometimes, our family and jobs have to take priority. That’s understandable. But, if you keep putting quality time together on the backburner, eventually, the flame will go out and you’ll be left with a cold, lifeless relationship.
Set aside one day a week or every two weeks where you can have quality, uninterrupted time alone together. Go to dinner. Go for a walk. Go dancing. Do anything. Just do it together.
5. Trust each other
Trust is very important in a relationship. If your partner does not trust you, things will not work.  Sooner or later the relationship will fail. Both the partners should trust each other completely and live peacefully. Lack of trust can harm a relationship.
6. Stop bringing past issues
How many times have you had a fight and brought up things he did in 1992? Does it get you anywhere? No? But you still keep doing it?
Here’s the problem with bringing up past issues: they’re in the past. That means that nothing can be done to change them. They’re over and done with.
If you want a healthy relationship, you need to deal with things that are currently happening. Focus on today. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Today.
If there’s something that hasn’t resolved itself, it will rear its ugly head again and give you ample opportunity to deal with it. So, for now, let it go.
7. Don’t expect so many changes in him:
You fall in love with him for what he was. But now you have list of things which you want bring for changes in his personality, behaviour or attitude. Well, you are defying your own stand now. Listen Lady, nothing can be perfect so understand him and don’t push changes in him. The chances are that you may not like the changed person and also you did not fall in love with the changed version. It was the first one.
If you can’t accept your guy, faults and all, then your relationship isn’t going to work. You’re never going to find the perfect man because he doesn’t exist. You just have to find someone who’s perfect for you.
8. Not only Emotional, Be Physical as well

Over a period of time you have kids in life, you both are busy for daily chores and your physical intimacy take back seat. Don’t let that happen. Physical intimacy and sexual relationship is of paramount importance to make the relationship stand longer. Although you or he might feel loss of interest in sex but you should always try reignite the fire so that physical intimacy remains intact. In case you feel that sexual pleasure is not the same any more, don’t hesitate in using some good vaginal health gel like Everteen. These vaginal health gels are really good which can rejuvenate your sexual life and give you & your partner a feel of sexual pleasure as fresh as of initial days of your love life.

Variety is the spice of love and life! The more ways you can be appealing to your partner, the more interested he will be in you. When it comes to handling your men, make sure that you show them many facets of your personality. That way, boredom doesn’t become an important concern for your man.