Love is the Foundation of every Relationship!

Love is an incredibly powerful word. When we are in love, we are always thinking of being together. When we are in pursuit of the love from the person we love, we make heaven of claims and commitments which fizzle out over a period of time when we finally get together.Love-quotes-7

The daily chores of life and an hectic schedule post ‘pursuit of so called love-life’ with that person, we are not even have time to say ‘I Love You’. In fact saying ‘I Love You’ becomes powerless over a period of time and relationship starts hampering as we have to earn the livelihood for that love life. Whatever efforts we do to make love life comfortable and enjoyable, it is of paramount importance that we keep expressing our love to our partner, as “ I Love You” may not be enough now. Here are few tips to Express Love to your partner which may help you express better even if you are keeping damn busy.

  1. Express Love through Time: Whatever your bring in life for your partner, everything has a variable quotient, the only thing which is fixed ( we all have) in life is TIME. We can always bring more money, more cars, more houses but we can never bring more time. It is fixed for everyone i.e. 24 Hours a Day or 168 Hours in a week. Time is the only thing which put everyone in the same spot. Whether one is wealthy or poor, the amount of time they have is SAME. In that case time becomes the greatest asset of everyone and how your spend it, that defines you. Time is the most expensive thing you have and it is the most expensive thing you can give someone. When you spend time with someone, you strongly express that you are expensing the biggest asset of your fixed treasure with that person and it showcases that “ S/he matters to you, S/he is worth your time. So invest time with your partner. When you spend time with your partner, it spells that you have given yourself to your partner and it is the essence of life, rest of things are secondary.  02bollywood-love-story23
  2. Express Love through Gratitude: You got together because you love each other, so why not express it with gratitude. Its good to share with your partner that you really appreciate his/her presence in life and that is the only thing which makes you feel like living is worth.
  3. That Tender Touch: Remember how you used to wait for your partner just to have a glimpse? And thinking that I will hug and kiss like this when I will meet or see him/her. What happened now? A tender hug and a simple kiss over cheek still carries a lot of weight and it strongly express that “ Does not matter, how busy you are” You really care and concerned about him/her every time and every second of the day.

Express Love

Love is the best feeling human are blessed with. Loving and being loved by someone makes this life worth living, so go ahead and shower your love (express love) to your partner through all possible ways. Remember, time is a fixed asset and so is life, make best of it by spending maximum time with your loved partner.

How you express love with your partner share with us, we shall make others to learn from you.

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