Sexual satisfaction in females or Orgasm is a much hyped term in the physical relations between men & women. While Men are biologically structured to easily attain satisfaction during sex, it is just the opposite for the females. It is a known fact that sexual satisfaction depends largely on the signals transmitted by the brain but still men manage to achieve sexual pleasure or satisfaction every time they have sex while only one third of women are able to achieve orgasm during physical relations.

The basic nature and biological structure of a woman cannot be changed but there are certain other things which can be done to ensure that a woman is able to reach orgasm along with the male during the act of sex.

Here are a few things which men should keep in mind to give sexual satisfaction to their partner.

Communication is the key-


Sexual Satisfaction


The lack of communication between couples is the most common cause of absence of orgasm in their female counterparts. If you are not related to her emotionally, there is no chance that you will be able to satisfy her need of emotional submission by the act of sex.


Foreplay should not be hurried-

Foreplay is actually a prolonged act than the actual sex and it forms the base of achieving sexual elevation by doing little things which arouse your partner more & more. Touching & caressing her erogenous areas of the body and prolonging the foreplay session will definitely ensure that the woman reaches orgasm during the ‘real action’!

Ensure the right mood and surrounding for initiating sex-

When you have a clean bed and an inviting surrounding, the mood for sexual act is already set and you need not make a hell lot of efforts to make her ready. Once she is in the mood, you can actually utilize all these distractions to make your sexual experience more rough and enjoyable by using them as props or counters for your physical act.


Shower sexy compliments-

Every woman needs to hear about her charm and beauty and the way you find her attractive. Give her some sexy compliments about how she is looking and how hot she looks with her hair open. This will definitely spark the already flaming desire in her heart and she is surely going to have a great sex & eventual orgasm.

Take it slowly-

After the foreplay is over and the real action begins, men should take slow steps forward so that her mood is not disturbed with the quick moves and all the arousal go in vain.


Maintain eye contact-

Women find it extremely pleasurable to make an eye contact with their partner to know the exact emotions their partner feels and this is what arouses them even more and helps them in attaining climax.

Mourn near her ears-


As it is known that mind sends the body signals about having reached the climax so to ensure that your female partner attains the sexual elevation, mourn near her ear and this will let her figure out more about how you are feeling about the ongoing sex which makes her reach orgasm quite easily.

Experiment with various positions-

Sexual activity should not be boring but it should be spontaneous and different from the last act. For this purpose change positions and try to get intimate with your partner. Sometimes, the changing patterns of sex tend to turn woman on very easily and they are satisfied even more easily.

 Make sexual satisfaction as good as fresh-

Getting into a feeling like it was the first time with your partner can be an innovative idea. Go for a vaginal revitalizing gel like Everteen which helps in revitalizing the vaginal muscles giving a tightening sensation as good as it was during first time. Some of you who feel pain during intercourse due to dryness, applying a gel like Everteen Vaginal Gel will help as it reduces dryness. So that you enjoy the best of your time without any pain.everteen-banner2

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