Does he has an extra marital affair? How to keep a watch or hold control of things so that it does not happen with you-

Marriage is a bond of love & trust between two people. The institution of marriage is very sacred and is the socially acceptable form of relationship between man & woman. Marriage binds two people in a relationship which is based on loyalty & faithfulness with each other but this connection is often disturbed by a relationship which is known as extra-marital affair.

These relations are formed out of the marital relation and may happen in any marriage. Extra marital relations have existed from time immemorial in the society. People tend to form a secretive alliance out of their marriages as they considered it to be a thing of boosting self- esteem in front of others.

There are many reasons attributed to cause extra marital relationships, but this post discloses those important things which need to be checked timely to avoid your husband from having an extra marital relationship with some other woman.

So, if you have a doubt about your husband’s loyalty or you figure out that he is on the verge of having an illicit relation outside your marriage, then it is high time you start keeping track of certain things to prevent an extra-marital affair from happening.

Prioritize your married life-

Never keep secrets from your husband

The life of a woman changes drastically after marriage as she has to consider the relations of two families at the same time. When the family members increase they further add to the number of responsibilities on her shoulders. Amidst all this, there are many occasions when a woman gives priority to family & children over her husband. This is the alarming situation which needs to be changed immediately. Make a priority to meet the needs of your husband over and above other responsibilities. This will prevent him to deviate from the feelings he has for you.

Never keep secrets from your husband-

communicate with your husband

Marriage is all about trust and mutual understanding. It should be made sure that you don’t hide anything from your husband because once the truth is revealed he is prone to get hurt because of your secretive behavior and think that you don’t trust him. In that case he is likely to involve with someone else on an impulse.

Love & support your husband-

Prioritize your married life

It is very essential for a wife to understand that her love & companionship is very necessary for her husband after few years of their marriage as he may feel left out alone while you are busy in managing your family and children and think that your husband will be happy with all that. Shower some surprises exclusively for your husband to make him feel that still he is the first human being, whom she loves and cares for, more than her children & family.

Get acquainted with his co-workers-

It is very astonishing to know that many of the extra marital affairs arise from the workplace so it is better to know the co-workers at your husband’s office and develop a friendly behavior with them. Don’t let suspicion come in the way, so that your husband can easily share office chit-chats with you. This will make the communication between the two of you quite friendly and often give you some chance of casual joking or flirting with your husband. This will make him more relaxed towards your relationship and he is likely to abide by the rules of marriage.

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