Commitment Phobia In Women

It is generally believed that it is men who are associated with Commitment phobia while women are on the brighter side and don’t hesitate to commit in a relationship. While there has been a considerable change in the outlook of people in the recent scenario, there is also an evident liberalization in matters of emotions & relationships applicable for both men and women.

Woman these days are actively participating in almost every field as men and utilizing the best of opportunities provided to them. Today’s women are financially stable and successful in her career. This is also a reason of the trend of late marriages in the country and there is nothing wrong in it. These days single women are not facing any kind of discrimination related to their relationship status and the social stigma of a single woman living her life on her own has changed drastically. This signals the broad minded approach of the society in the 21st century which is quite visible in the people’s behavior.

Earlier when women were not educated or who couldn’t get opportunities to make a career they largely depended on the protective walls of relations to sustain a happy life but with the advancement in the field of education and the increasing awareness among people this ideology has completely changed.

commitment phobia in females

Being single gives a woman a whole world of choices in every aspect of life from financial independence to emotional stability; everything seems to be easy as it comes along. It means that she has the fear to lose all the freedom which she is enjoying currently and resists from involving deeply with someone. This is known as Commitment Phobia which is characteristic to both the gender but here we will focus on mainly the female commitment phobia and its signs.

Signs of Commitment Phobia in women-

Start sabotaging the relationship:-

start sabotaging the relation

Women involve in a relation with full devotion and put every possible effort in strengthening their relation and things go in a smooth way until things start getting serious and that is when the female partner looks for an excuse to end the relation just out of fear that the relation would not work in future.

Change in Personality-

change in personality

A commitment phobic woman seems to be very interested and flirtatious in the beginning of a relationship and even longs for a long term relation but gradual changes in her mindset due to the fear of commitment makes her to pull away from the relation, leaving her partner heart broken

Dream of ‘Mr. Perfect’-

Women who are commitment phobic have their Mr. Perfect who has qualities they wish to see in their life partner and who doesn’t has any imperfections. They compare every guy coming in their life to their dream one and when they don’t find him worthy they don’t involve with them although the guy would be a perfect choice for her.

Choose males who are unavailable-

This accounts for those women who out of the fear of committing in a relationship prefer those men who are not available for a long term commitment. They may be already married or divorced men who don’t have the pressure to get committed and eventually the commitment phobic women too are happy and feel ‘safe’ from commitment that way.

Doesn’t make future plans-

Normally, women love to imagine their future with their partners and talk about how those things mean so much for her because she values the relation but on the other hand, a commitment phobic woman tends to resist from planning anything ahead and would get irritated if the male partner tries to tell about his future dreams & plans with her. The mere thought of being committed makes her uncomfortable and cranky.

Keep the close ones in dark about their relation-

keep close ones in dark about their relation

It is seen in most cases that if a man likes a woman and decide to commit to her, then he will not take much time to tell his family and close friend circle about his affair but a woman who is a commitment phobic will push him away from her inner circle of friends and would keep her family unaware of any affair which is so serious from one side just because she fears that her friends would pressurize her to settle down with the man who is really serious about her.

Keep breaking up and patching up-

keep breaking & patching up

This the characteristic of a commitment phobic to breakup when things are going smooth and serious and again patch up to repeat it again just to overcome the seriousness creeping in their relation.

Phobia Of not having a good physical relationship:-

Women believe that they might not be able to satisfy their partner physically and are afraid of trying out things which can help them out. Even in desperation to make first physical intimacy a perfect one, they fall victim to unwanted situations. They actually don’t need to get into a rocket science study to make the first contact perfect one, just

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So, this was all about the commitment phobia associated with the fairer sex i.e. the females.

 Do you suffer from Commitment Phobia?

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