Menstruation is a very unique and complex process in women and is governed by many factors which are interrelated together for the normal functioning of the body. Owing to various factors pertaining to lifestyle or health issues, irregular periods affects many women.

Almost every normal woman goes through the cycle of menstruation after attaining puberty till menopause. Other than the reason that a woman is suffering from a serious disease, the menstrual cycle remains regular and functions smoothly with minor fluctuations.

Unfortunately, there are many women who face the problem of irregular periods in spite of being healthy and free from any kind of illness. So, what constitutes to the problem of irregular periods in them is to be disclosed through this post. Here, we will know about the major factors which are responsible for causing irregularity in the menstrual cycle of women.

Periods are timed for a span of 28-35 days on an average and differ according to age and other hormonal factors. On a calculated date the periods are expected to start with minor fluctuations of a day or two. But when it takes more than that, the situation is known to be irregular menstrual cycle.

The main causes of an absent or irregular period are as under-

Hormonal imbalance-

Irregular periods

This is the main cause of irregular periods in females and is associated with mostly young women who are still in the process of maturing and have the abnormal hormonal secretions which affects the cycle to some extent causing the periods to get delayed or commence much before the stipulated date.

Taking contraceptives-

Taking contraceptives

Oral contraceptive pills are basically hormonal supplements which affect the level of hormonal changes in the body required for preventing pregnancy. The hormonal imbalance caused by these pills is known to affect the menstrual cycle and cause irregular periods.

Fertility diseases like PCOS-

The menstrual cycle is also affected if a woman suffers from ovarian disorder like Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) which is known to cause fertility problems in women by affecting the normal monthly ovulation process which in turn tends to disturb the occurrence of periods on a regular basis.

Excessive Weight loss or gain-

Excessive Weight loss or gain

If you had a recent episode of major weight loss or weight gain then it is likely to affect your menstrual cycle and you may suffer from irregular period problem.



It is yet another reason responsible for causing irregular periods in women. Pregnancy is associated with a lot of hormonal changes in the body and it takes time to settle all those changes so it is quite natural for women to experience an experience of irregular period after pregnancy & eventual delivery.

Mental stress-

The major functions of the body are controlled by the brain as it is the central nervous system which signals every process in the body to occur but in stressful condition the normal functioning of the brain is affected to a great extent and it causes the problem of irregular menstrual cycle.

Drug abuse-

In case of females who are addicted to any drugs or alcohol, it is quite common that they will suffer from the problem of an untimely period as the normal functions of the menstrual cycle are affected by the presence of drugs in the body.

The problem of irregular periods not only causes anxiety but is also responsible for some major fertility issues, so it is essential to take necessary precautions for a regular menstrual cycle and avoid the above mentioned factors.

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