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 FIND, HOW THE GUILT IS COMPROMISED BY HIM? Precaution for Husband and Boyfriend is prescribed It may sound a very familiar start to the story but that’s how it is; men fantasize about other woman in the bed. He may be deeply involved with you during sex but the fact that who he is thinking about at that time remains with in his mind. Some men may just take that as the epitome of infidelity but for other men, this guilt free woman travels out of their mind and meet them in person. None of us know where. Therefore,...

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What makes your first relationship grow with him?

How he is going to like me or my dress today? Is my lipstick seductive enough to draw his attention? Is my dress revealing enough to have all his eyes on me? And bla..bla.. This is the everyday struggle of a girl so that she makes him to roam after her.  The above struggling points from a daily routine of a girl may sound ‘Overstated’ for man but this denotes all together a mindset and ownership of the girl about a “ RELATIONSHIP”.  Isn’t she very serious about maintaining or earning a great relationship with him. Yes She is....

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