Aquarians are born from 20th January to 19th February and are born under the symbol of the Water Bearer which signifies the flowing gift of intellect and humanity. The Aquarians have a love for liberty which needs personal freedom and they have a unique and unconventional approach towards life. They are always both realistic & unconventional and act as very difficult persons sometimes.


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The love life and relations in the life of Aquarians are worthwhile and have stability but achieving it is a little difficult because they are happy with themselves and are not very fond of the restrictions that are levied after permanent relationships. While being in a relationship with Aquarians it is essential to make sure that there is no feeling of being trapped in an emotional scenario or they are compelled to live up to the traditional confrontations of family life.

Aquarians are attributed to be the great visionaries of the Zodiac. Their love lives are open-minded & highly intellectual and they are capable of making generous and compatible relationships.

Love/Sexuality Traits of an Aquarian-

  • The romantic feelings in an Aquarian means that they want to enjoy the most without any hindrances. They are the ones who believe that inner beauty is the real one and are not affected by the superficial appearance and outer persona.

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  • An Aquarian has an individual approach and if they are in a relation they will be proud of it and keep the personal affairs to themselves as a result will maintain a distance from the people they are quite fond of…!

Aquiarians sexuality


  • The people of this sun sign will not call their partners ten times a day or flood their mailbox with hundreds of messages and mails.
  • When it comes to the basics of being a true lover, Aquarians will prove themselves to be the perfect companions with their caring & generous nature.
  •  Aquarians are very calm & composed in their personal lives and don’t fancy the idea of involving in a messy affair or entangled relationship
  • An Aquarian has the characteristic of being different and having a unique approach towards love or life. So don’t expect from Aquarians to bring you red roses and chocolates on Valentine’s Day because they won’t follow the same traditional idea followed by everyone.
  • It comes as a great surprise that it is really very easy to seduce an Aquarian although they are not very impressed by the superficial beauty. By engaging them in an intellectual discussion on a place which is quite and without interruptions it is very easy to capture their attention in this manner. Being reputed as free thinking souls they are known to be masters of the intimate relations.
  •  Being unconventional in nature and ideology it is not mandatory to have a physical intimacy with them so as to have a secure and fulfilling relationship.
  • Aquarians are highly knowledgeable in matters of physical intimacy but the idea of doing it in practice may not be so exciting and thrilling for them.
  •  Aquarians have a great interest in trying and exploring various positions, settings, places so as to enrich their intimate experience.
  • The people born under this sun sign are fascinated by the idea of two individuals being attached to each other’s soul. They love the feeling to be deeply attached with their partner and sharing their deepest motivations.
  •  It is the character of Aquarians that they are turned on by the spontaneous acts of pleasure. Anything conventional would fail to grab their attention. They can develop their intense feelings by the spontaneity of acts.
  • When Aquarians are in the mood they are very intense and passionate about it and nothing can hinder that but when they are not in the mood, there is nothing which can turn them on except when they wish to…!!
  • High intellect is a great turn on for Aquarians but they will not fancy anything which is same as others or is conventional in nature.
  •  Being the free thinkers of the Zodiac they are not jealous at all for their partners and love to provide all sorts of freedom to them.
  •  Aquarians find it very sensual and pleasurable when they are gently caressed on the wrists, calves & ankles during the act of physical intimacy and are looking for ultimate pleasure all the time.


  • They have a lot of intensity during physical intimacy and that may be very sensuous at times.

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