Desirable Always is about ‘Less Talked About Topics’:

We at Desirable Always talk about the subjects and topics which are less talked about in the society.  The subjects, topics we discuss at Desirable Always are related to Love, Romance, Relationship ( Yes, Physical Relationship too), Lust, Sex and Sexual wellness, Feminine and Masculine health which includes topics related to intimate and intimacy.  Although these are ‘Less Talked About Topics’ but the information and knowledge about these topics plays significant role in overall of quality of life of individual. So here at Desirable Always, we share information and knowledge on these topics so that we all can gain from each other’s knowledge and understanding.

If you want to write something on these topics, we welcome you to share your experience, your stories or anything which you feel should be told to the people. We don’t publish the author’s name with the stories or articles until the author asks for publishing the name. Also, we keep the basic information of authors confidential so as to protect his/her privacy. For writing at Desirable Always, just drop a mail to Editor Dr. Riya Fernandes at



Desirable Always is not an English tutorial site, so if you find some grammatical errors then just ignore it. We are here to share information on the aforementioned subjects and we don’t intend to improve your English.

Also, the articles, topics shared at Desirable Always are for the purpose of information only and should not be considered as medical advice. Neither have we recommended any medical advice nor you should consider any medical advice from this site or the topics shared here.  Some of the articles at Desirable Always also features brand and these are sponsored articles by brand therefore we recommend to take your informed decision pertaining to those brands and products.

With the content at Desirable Always, we nowhere intend to offend any religion, any community,  any group or individual. If it happens so then it is completely unintentional. We are responsible for what we say but we can not control how you perceive it so we would like to assure you that we nowhere intend to offend any sentiment of people.