5 ways to keep your Lover happy-

Relationships hold a very special place in our lives. We learn to know the importance of others in our lives through these relationships. Nobody can live happily in solitude. People related to us make life a better place to live and enjoy it to the fullest. Family, friends, acquaintances all of them have their own importance in a person’s life. Above all these, there is a relation which is not bonded by blood or family ties, instead it is bonded by mutual trust, respect & understanding. This is the relation between man & woman.

Two people fall in love with their own chemistry as no one can exactly give an appropriate reason which made them fall in love. Some believe in love at first glance, while some give the credits to the time spend with their partners, as a reason of being struck by the cupid’s arrow…!!

For some, it might feel like their life is incomplete without the people they love. That’s exactly what happened with me…J

So, being in a courtship of two years and an eventual marriage of three years it’s a little easy for me to tell a few things about what to do to keep your lover happy so that you have a long & fruitful relationship…:)

  • Ø Trust & Respect-

express his importance in your life

When you enter a relationship these two things build up to be the base of your relationship. You should trust your companion and believe him. When you show that you confide him, he would also be motivated to give it back to you. Men have a great respect for honesty and this is the best way to win your man’s heart & mind.

This doesn’t mean blindly trusting your partner because that would be a decision. If you feel that something is wrong or mis-understood, just ask him directly to clear your doubts without involving any third person. Don’t spy on him without confronting him personally. It will shake the mutual understanding between both of you.

  • Ø Express his importance in your life-

Smiling couple having tea outdoors

When it comes to expressing feelings, the fairer gender is always on the top, so tell him the place he holds in your life. This may be done by complimenting him for his love & affection towards you. Show him that you really care for him by doing something special for him or cooking his favorite food.

It is important to listen to him about what he has to say on your relationship. Be patient and listen peacefully.

  • Ø Support him in his decisions-

 Embracing love

It is very necessary that you support him in his decisions. It is also a way to tell that you believe in his capabilities. He will be elevated to see you stand beside him in important life decisions.

It is a good thing to support him wisely but sometimes he might be wrong, so without any argument you can simply put forth the things you don’t feel to be agreeing completely.

In financial matters, it is better to discuss things with each other, but don’t make him follow a list of do’s & don’ts. He would respect you for this and it will really make him happy.

  • Ø Don’t be too possessive

This is one thing which Men hate to the fullest. Your man is in a relationship with you so it doesn’t mean that other people don’t matter to him anymore. Let him have his own personal space too. And don’t take it as your importance in his life will get affected with this.

Never bombard him with irritating questions like what, where, why & how. When you give him freedom in these things, he will surely start missing you in his personal space too…J

When he is with family and friends, don’t disturb him too often giving stupid reasons of missing him. Let him have a good time with his friends & family because they also hold a special spot in his heart.

  • Ø Stay Faithful towards him-

It is very important for two people to fall in love but maintain that love and keeping the promises means a lot and takes a lot of efforts.

Never hide anything from your man, as one day if he knows the reality, all his love & affection might just vanish away with that lie of yours.

If you like and love him you should stay faithful with him only and refrain from bonding in that way with any other man, as it may break your man’s heart.

Staying faithful in a relationship is not a smooth road. It may be possible that your feelings might change as time passes, so if you don’t want your relationship to be on the rocks’, you should be devoted to your man only. This will be the most joyful sentiment for him

Intimacy :-

Intimacy is one of the key ingredients of our relationship with our lover. And what quality we add to those intimate moments plays significant role in making the love-bond stronger.


Sex is the barometer of a relationship and what you bring to it will decide how irresistible your man finds you. You should enjoy your intimate relationship with utmost pleasure and satisfaction because what happens in the bedroom is carried forward in a relationship.

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So, it was my take on how to keep your lover happy. How do you keep your man happy?