There is a famous thought which we all must have heard of is “To love and being loved is the most beautiful thing of existence”. Love is a wonderful feeling between two hearts that are committed to understand each other’s feelings and are attracted by the inner qualities of their personalities.

Every individual has their own definition of love. Sometimes there are some couples who treat their relationship slowly and gradually with time their love grows and their bond becomes stronger. And there are some unfortunate couples who start off as a great pair and gradually tend to lose the essence of their relation and after a span of time they don’t have any other option other than breaking up with each other.

There must be various reasons which affect the relation between two individuals. As many couples are not able to figure out the reason of their break up. So before it is too late in a relationship some reasons which should not be ignored are discussed here.

The reasons which tell that your relationship has lost its spark are as below-

Ø Lack of physical attraction-

This is one of the biggest reasons that affect the relationship of a couple as physical relation is the base of this relationship. Man and woman are biologically attracted to each other especially when the relation is romantic. It is not a matter of argument or conflict that physical proximity is a thing of virtue for relationship between man and woman. If you don’t bond over intimately, that is a signal that your relation has signed for an end note.

It is also a matter of thought that once a physical relation is accomplished, there is a lack of excitement for the next time so for a long span of relationship it is quite natural for most of the couples to lose its spark.

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Ø Lack of enough space-

It is very important for couples to enable each other some space apart from each other as both of them have their individual circle of friends and family. When there is lack of space between a couple, problems start arising and affects their relation.

Some couples interfere so much in their partner’s life that is sometimes very irritating for the other. It is important to know that everyone likes to associate with people who matter to them and that doesn’t means that you include your partner in every group of friends you are a part of. This sometimes makes you feel as you are suffering in the relationship.

Ø Lack of honesty-

When there is lack of honesty between the couple the feelings between them tend to get affected and things don’t seem to improve between them. A relationship demands trust and honesty and when this is not fulfilled as per their wish there is certain anguish for their partner which is very much visible in their relationship and affects it in the worst possible way.

Hiding things from your partner is not at all good as it makes the partner feel like unwanted and neglected and this is the main reason which messes with the spark in any relationship.

Ø Lack of quality time together-

It is very important for couples to send some quality time together to rekindle their relationship as it was in the initial phases. This is the main reason couples feel as if they are taken for granted and being in a relationship seems to be a burden for them.

As time passes by, spending time with each other becomes difficult because the priorities change over time. For some couples money matters more than the relation and they give less time to their relationship. For some, it may be a career which draws their most attention and their relationship goes on a back foot.

Ø Lack of proper communication-

As a matter of fact, this is the also an important reason that affects the relationship. When a relationship is new couples share every single detail with each other but as time passes by and due to increased responsibilities and less time there is a gap in the expression of feelings between them which induces a sense of loneliness among them.

On sensitive matters or issues sometimes there are small fights between the couple and due to the lack of proper communication they tend to create some mis-understandings between them and if these things don’t get resolved timely, they may take the shape of big compatibility issues in them. So, if there is no communication between them and they are not able to express what they feel, then it is quite obvious that the spark in their relation has lost…!

So, these were some reasons which are hugely responsible to diminish the spark from any relationship.

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