Month: August 2014

Make Your First Date A Perfect One!

First Date!! When two people of opposite sex are inclined towards each other by mutual liking, the first thing that they do together is to go on a date. It’s not like going on first date means you are in a relationship. It is just a casual way of spending time with the person for whom you have developed recent affection. Well, a date may be good or bad depending upon the type of conversation and the occurrence of events on the date. If you happen to like someone very much, it is very obvious that you would want...

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Express Love through Actions, not with Empty Words!

Love is the Foundation of every Relationship! Love is an incredibly powerful word. When we are in love, we are always thinking of being together. When we are in pursuit of the love from the person we love, we make heaven of claims and commitments which fizzle out over a period of time when we finally get together. The daily chores of life and an hectic schedule post ‘pursuit of so called love-life’ with that person, we are not even have time to say ‘I Love You’. In fact saying ‘I Love You’ becomes powerless over a period of...

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Seven Flirting Points to Take Care when you Flirt!

It all starts with Flirting! Don’t take flirting otherwise; we all know that most of relationships graduate to love from flirting only; It all starts with Flirting. Flirting is not just fun rather it is an integral part of a human culture and social aspects. When we like someone, the interaction tends to begins with flirting only.  It’s a form of casual expression to an opposite sex which some of us like to transform to a better level over a period of time called ‘Love’. If you really want to charm someone with your flirting skills, there are few tips...

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