Month: February 2014

Vaginal Dryness: Meaning & Causative Factors

Vaginal Dryness: Meaning & Causative Factors- Few days ago, I was surfing the internet and read about a woman enquiring about whether a feminine wash would also be effective in treating the problem of Vaginal Dryness? And then, it struck me to dig more and I came to know more about the problem so as to share with you all about it…! Vaginal Dryness- A healthy vagina has an acidic ph balance is its self cleansing biological mechanism keeps it clean and maintains the ideal ph of the vaginal environment. There are secretions from time to time so as...

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Symptoms & Effective Remedies Of Vaginal Dryness

Symptoms & Effective remedies of Vaginal Dryness- Vaginal Dryness is more or less a common term which is prevalent among females. Being a very hugger-mugger topic among women, this has seemed to affect the sexual health of women very drastically. There are very few counts of women who have opened up to this problem and keep it mostly under the wraps unless they are facing extreme difficulties relating to it. Vaginal Dryness is mainly associated with menopause and it is a characteristic symptom which starts appearing when a woman is near to having menopause. But with the changing day...

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