Month: December 2013

How To Stay Fit During Pregnancy

How to stay fit during Pregnancy- Pregnancy is a very important phase of a woman’s life. It marks a sense of inexpressible delight for her. It is one of the best forms of recreation which the universe has endowed to the human being, particularly woman. Pregnancy is not just giving birth to a new life; instead it is an experience of a life creating another one. Pregnancy is one of the most complex biological processes in a woman’s life. It is this process in which two living beings, the mother & the baby, grow and evolve simultaneously. It is this time when you start feeling an unmatched sense of responsibility from within. The onset of mental ideology, about how this phase of motherhood is going to affect you as a person, also starts developing in the mind. Well, pregnancy is not all about only glorious days…! It comes with own set of rules and responses which depend entirely on the hormonal & emotional factors. The phase of nine months may be loaded with extreme mood swings, anxiety and fear for no reason while there is also a happy state of mind, as you are preparing to welcome your own self. Nobody can perfectly give you a list of experiences which are bound to happen in the same way with you. Each woman has her own experience in this regard...

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20 Secrets For Looking Young And Beautiful

20 secrets for looking young and beautiful- Looking beautiful and younger is every woman’s deeply cherished wish and needless to say, they will leave no stone unturned until they find the tips or secrets. Well, this post will definitely save you from the excess baggage of searching and consulting some best kept secrets to look younger than your actual age….! And by that I don’t mean any kind of cosmetic procedures…! These are some very simple things which you can bring in practice and after some time you will be very proudly telling them to other woman in your...

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The Quilt and Guilt: Caution for your intimate part in the winter

Knock.. knock. Who is that? Its winter season.  You open the door and the chilly and freezing air makes you feel to get back inside.  Quilt, sweater, coats. Jackets, any apparel which can help us to keep our body warm are out and stick to us as if they are expressing their die hard love to our body. We wait winter season throughout the year and this is the season which we enjoy most yet we dread of it. And you know why?  Along with the fear of touching water which sends the cold waves throughout the body, the...

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