Month: October 2013

Vaginoplasty: Evaluate your options before you go under knife

Vaginoplasty is the buzz word in the modern town. The aspiration for better sexual experience is eternal and more & more women are opting for solution for the rejuvenation of their G-spot. Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure performed by a surgeon under anaesthesia to improve the tone and tightening of the muscles of vagina. Although vaginoplasty has gained lot of ground in last few years but experts have mixed opinions about this surgical procedure where the safety and efficacy of this procedure is challenged. American Society of Obstetrician & Gynaecology did not accept the safety & efficacy of the...

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If you are an aging woman there is something which your anti aging cream can not do

Aging brings many unwelcome changes to women’s skin. While cosmetic products, plastic surgeons, botox therapies and beauticians are most focused on the changes happening to their faces — wrinkles, laugh lines, and a thinning and drying of the skin — the same thing is happening to genital tissues. The result is old & dead vagina which may not be so ready for the same sexual pleasure & experiences for you and your partner.  Therefore, women as they age should not only look for anti aging solutions for face but also find the ways to prevent the changes in vaginal...

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The benefits of everteen vagina tightening gel which you might not know!!

Did you just give birth or have been sexually active for quite some time already that you feel your vagina losing its tightness? A tight vaginal opening is, for many people, important when making love with your partner. It can increase the sensation you both feel when making love. But there are certain situations in life such as giving birth that makes your vagina loosen up and the opening becoming too wide that any sensation or friction during the intercourse is hardly felt. It is a known fact that making love is an act that partners long for with...

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13 basic rules to maintain high level of intimate hygiene

Women often talks and share experiences and tips about skin care, hair care, lip care and using make up, but rarely a topic of conversion is the most important one i.e. care of the intimate part “VAGINA”. Maintaining hygiene in the intimate area is of top most important for woman, not just to feel cleaner & cooler, but to avoid unpleasant and sometimes dangerous health problems that may arise. Here are the basic rules to maintain impeccable hygiene down there: 1.Ordinary soaps, shampoos and shower gels are not suitable for washing the vagina: most soaps and detergent based products...

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How to keep your romantic relationship healthy and happy for life

Romance is the genesis of a relationship between couples which contributes to happiness and health in that relationship. But it is not easy to keep a romantic relationship alive throughout the life which is quite evident from the rising cases of divorces in love marriages. It is observed in a survey that more than 40 percent of marriages end with divorces affecting several people around that relationship like children and relatives. Nobody wants to get into such an unpleasant end of a relationship yet it happens, what steps you can take to protect your romantic relationship, here is little...

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