Month: September 2013

Hey Ladies: Let’s change the topic of our gossip; dare to discuss vaginal health in your group

Give options to a lady; Go for Movie or go for gossips with your friends, the higher chances is that she will choose the latter one. Woman enjoys gossips and their topics vary from kitchen utensils to bollywood, Ranbir Kapoor, SRK and Angelina jolie. Except politics, they like to discuss everything. They are not concerned who is going to be next PM Narender Modi or Manmohan Singh, they give a damn to it although entire nation (man) is talking about that only. So same goes with my women friends also, whenever we meet, generally the topics of our gossips...

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Is your food affecting your vaginal discharge’s smell & taste????

This is one of the top issues many female wonder about, but usually don’t ask: Is it possible that our vaginal discharge smell can be affected by the food we eat?   Many times in every woman’s cycle, hormonal changes can cause our vaginal secretions to change in taste from sweet to salty or sour. The consistency and smell can change as well. But the smell and taste should never be unpleasant.  The odour and taste can also be different when aroused, or when sweating (or both). Infections, like yeast or bacterial vaginosis, can also cause changes in odour,...

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YOUR VAGINAL HEALTH; THE POINT WHICH YOU ARE LEAST CONCERNED BUT MOST IMPORTANT FOR YOUR OVERALL HEALTH Maintaining a healthy vagina inside and out is a good way to keep yourself healthy. You may not have thought about vaginal health, it may seem tricky, or even embarrassing, but it’s really important to pay proper attention to this part of your body. Before you start taking steps towards your vaginal health, you must understand “What a Healthy Vagina is?” The vagina has a variety of bacteria, yeasts and other micro-organisms, which occur naturally. Lactobacilli are good bacteria that keep other...

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