Month: July 2013


When he breaks your heart it’s not only your ‘dear’ heart which suffers the pain, your other functions of body also feel it badly. So Ladies, here are the body’s response when Love hurts your heart. Hormones: The moment your love partner ends up relationship with you, your adrenal glands release hormones cortisol which increases body’s fight-or-flight stress response. If you were in a very deep relationship and the break up is very strong for you then your stress hormones shall increase heavily and it may take several days (may be year) to settle down in to normalcy for your...

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Vaginal White Discharge: Keep a watch on your vaginal GUARD

“I have been having this weird white discharge every other day and I am really stressed about it as it appears every second day”. Sounds familiar?  This is the common sight and query at any Gynaecologists clinic shared by majority of female patients. Well, Relax. This white discharge is a sign that your vagina is doing absolutely great and you are fine. White discharge, part of natural system of vagina, acts as broom while cleaning the old & dead cells and fluids out from vagina. This is the natural way of your body to keep your vagina healthy, clean and infection...

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Sex Mistakes Woman Make that Gives Upper Hand to Man over Woman in Relationship

What kind of sexual life or relationship you enjoy with your man is completely in your hand and you should not take lifetime to realize that. There are some basic mistakes which woman make due to cultural and psychological inhibitions but let me share with you; these mistakes of woman put man on the superiority column and create disequilibrium. Have you ever thought why man feels that they are superior to woman; the answer lies in the handling of sexual arrangement by woman. We sourced out from WebMD what kind of Sex mistakes we (Woman) make. You ensure that...

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