20 secrets for looking young and beautiful-

Looking beautiful and younger is every woman’s deeply cherished wish and needless to say, they will leave no stone unturned until they find the tips or secrets. Well, this post will definitely save you from the excess baggage of searching and consulting some best kept secrets to look younger than your actual age….! And by that I don’t mean any kind of cosmetic procedures…! These are some very simple things which you can bring in practice and after some time you will be very proudly telling them to other woman in your lives…

Believe Yourself To Be Young-


Maintain hygiene

Age is just a number if you truly believe from inside that you are not aging. Keep your spirit and enthusiasm alive and stop bothering about your age. If you don’t act like an aged person, no one could think of treating you like one…:)

  • Cut down your caffeine count-

cut down caffeine count

It is essential to keep track of what is healthy for you with the years adding to your age. Caffeine is known to disturb many biological functions of the body, so it is better to lower the intake of coffee or tea. Instead of these, try some healthy options like green tea which is a proven drink with anti-oxidants which will slow down the aging process by acting upon the free radicals in the body.

Get enough sleep:-

get enough sleep+INTIMATE HYGIENE

Sleeping deprivation invites a number of physiological problems including dark circles. Insufficient amount of sleep hinders the cellular regeneration process which is body’s self-mechanism to rejuvenate itself.

Avoid adult acne-

always admirable

The most common problem that persists among women is the acne and its spots. It may be due to wrong eating habits which stimulate the hormone androgen and trigger oil production and result in breakouts…L So, refrain from junk food items and caffeine.

Pamper your skin-

female welness

A few minutes from your daily routine won’t do any harm but it will certainly prove a boon for your skin as regular skin care regime is very essential to get rid of impurities, exfoliate dead cells of the skin and nourish the replenished skin properly. This basic step will restore the lost radiance of the skin and you will see the desired glow in 1-2 weeks itself…

Get rid of wrinkles-

Wrinkles are the most evident things that prove that you are aging gradually and you need to take good care of it. At this stage a good wrinkle fighting treatment is very much advisable so that the existing wrinkles can be treated and any further wrinkle formation can be slowed down to some extent.

Block the sun rays-

It is at this time only when certain age spots like freckles begin to appear which may be due to the adverse effects of harsh sun rays. So, a sunscreen with a higher SPF value is a must on a regular basis. This will protect the skin from harmful sunrays and lessen the age spots with time.

Invest in a good night repair crème-

Now as the aging continues to show its signs, you need to invest in a decent night treatment for your skin. The regular night creams should be replaced with those which are specially formulated for aging beauties. It is during the night time only when the skin replenishes all its lost moisture and heals, so it’s high time to empty your pockets on a treatment suited to your age and skin type.

Work up a Thirst-

It is important to engage yourself in some kind of physical activity like jogging, cardio, dancing anything of your choice. This will trigger blood circulation throughout the body. While you are busy in burning the extra calories, the sweat produced will flush out all the impurities from your pores.

Keep yourself hydrated-

The physical activity will always leave you a little sweaty but that is definitely better than having a bloating stomach full of water. Drink 8-10 glasses of water, on an average, for proper digestion and excretion. The sweat you lost while working out should be retained back by the body.

Do the right makeup:-


do the right makeup

At this point of time, makeup plays a very crucial role in highlighting your best features and slightly diminishing the not-so-good features which eventually portray you certainly in a good way.

Hide your blemishes properly using a stick foundation. Choose the right shade of foundation for your complexion. A shade fair than your real complexion will not make you admirable, instead it will make you look strange. Keep it sweet and simple. Do not over do anything. Let your real self reflect in your overall appearance.

Conceal Your dark circles-

Aging skin tends to behave a little different than we expect it to. So if you have not started taking care of your under eye skin it will definitely show up. Now it is important to cover the dark circles with a good concealer and create a look which emphasizes your upper eyelids so that your dark circles remain hidden in peace and people focus on your upper eye more and forget the under eye.

Get a good hair cut-

Try to sport a new hair style as it will break the monotonous look of your face and will make you look at least five years younger. Consult your hair stylist to suggest you a hair cut well suited for your face.

Eat for your skin & hair-

Add more of proteins and vitamins in your diet so that you have a glowing skin & hair naturally. Fresh fruits and juices will certainly help you with your skin & hair problems.

Focus on the overall body-

Aging affects the body as a whole so focus on areas other than the face because a good face won’t look good until areas such as the clavicle, arms, feet & back of your body are not properly cared.

Use less cosmetics & more organics

Use more of organic products for taking care of your skin & hair as they are free from adverse side effects. Less use of cosmetics will surely be beneficial for aging skin, due to the sensitivity issues of older skin.

Dress up right-

Always remember that dressing up according to your age will make you look even younger, it’s just that what you choose to wear should be appropriate for your age and body type. Don’t try to look young, instead choose clothes and fabric in which you feel comfortable (that doesn’t mean loose or baggy) and which compliment your body shape.

Upgrade your shoe collection-

Dull and out dated shoes reflect instantly with your appearance, so try to change it.

Change your eye wear-

If you wear spectacles, try to get a new frame as it will compliment your look even more and will definitely make you look younger & beautiful.

Maintain daily hygiene (intimate):-


Intimate wash reviews india

It’s important to maintain  intimate hygiene.Vaginal discharge is a common phenomenon which leads to lot many side effects .It stains the underwear and creates burning sensation.Regular use of intimate wash is very important to maintain the pH balance.I prefer using  everteen natural intimate wash for the reason as it’s free from chemicals and its soap , SLES, & SLS free.

Shine yourself with that bright smile-

A bright smile will change your over all personality making you look more radiant and confident. It will also flush positive attitude in you and block away negative thoughts from your mind. Take good care of your teeth to get that million dollar smile…:)

Don’t forget to share with us your secret of looking young and beautiful  🙂