10 things to take care when you are trying for a baby-


Pregnancy is a life changing phenomena for a woman. It calls for a great level of maturity and sense of responsibility to be prepared for pregnancy. It is also essential that we follow a lifestyle which doesn’t mess with the natural process of conceiving and rather helps the body and mind to get ready for it.

Here is a list of those ten things which you should keep in mind and follow strictly when you have decided that you want to conceive-

The day when you and your partner have decided that you want to have a baby doesn’t mean you start with doing the ‘deed’ and leave the rest. It is advised that firstly visit your gynecologist and clear all your doubts and misconceptions about conceiving & pregnancy.

This will make sure that your body is ready for conception and that your body has required immunization or not. If you have a family history of certain diseases visiting your doctor is even more necessary as some past medications may affect the natural conceiving ability of a couple.

It is very important that you should stop using the birth control methods you were using initially. It will be very good if you don’t use any barrier method two months before actually conceiving, so that your body gets accustomed to the changed situation and your monthly cycle gets regular so that you can plan for conceiving.

eat green leafy vegetables

As a couple you may enjoy everything as your wish, but when you want to conceive it is very important that you put all your bad habits in the goodbye bin and change your lifestyle in a healthy one. Drinking, smoking and taking drugs should be stopped immediately if you wish to get pregnant. These are prime reasons for infertility in most of the cases.

Make some changes in your lifestyle and follow a healthy routine which includes proper diet, regular and mild exercise and adequate amount of sleep. This is very important to implement all these changes at least two months before you actually try to get pregnant.

  • Ø Cut down your caffeine intake-

High caffeine consumption leads to decreased level of fertility and this has reflected in many scientific studies. Ideally the amount of caffeine intake that will not be harmful is not certain but it is advised by most doctors to resist from having high quantity of caffeine if you are trying to conceive.

  • Ø Take care of your finances-

Pregnancy is a long phase and doesn’t end with delivery itself, it extends after the childbirth and continues for quite some time. So, if you are planning to get pregnant, then take care of your financial resources because you won’t be able to resume your work until you are physically fit after childbirth.

  • Ø Have a strong mental health and attitude-

It is very important that you are happy from inside and don’t harbor any misconceptions regarding pregnancy. To be in a stable state of mind is the foremost important thing that will also affect your chances at conceiving. When you have a strong mental health and you don’t suffer from any stress or depression there are chances that you will conceive more quickly.

Having a positive attitude towards pregnancy will again be a good thing for you and you don’t need to take many pregnancy tests as you will succeed in the initial trials only.

  • Ø Talk to your family or friends-

It is good to share things with your family and friends and important decisions like this call for some extra care. Ask your friends about what they know about it. Talk to your mother or any family member who had a recent pregnancy and ask about the real experiences. This will increase your chances of conception.

  • Ø Spend time with your partner & bond over-

It is very important to be intimately connected to your partner when you want to conceive because physical relation plays its part only when it is supported by mental attachment with each other. If you are not close enough through ideologies & feelings, it is very much possible that only the physical act between the two of you may not give any positive results.

Try to re-create the lost spark & passion in your relationship and then try to conceive because then you will definitely succeed.

  • Ø Keep a check on your weight-

It is seen in many cases that weight issues play an important role in conceiving and may hinder the process. Being under- weight and over-weight is also a reason of infertility or which acts as an obstacle in your conception. So keep a regular check on your weight or firstly gain a healthy weight according to your age and height and then think of getting pregnant because then there are lesser chances that you will fail.

  • Ø Be prepared mentally & emotionally-

It may be possible that you may not succeed quite a few times after you have followed each and every step mentioned above. This doesn’t mean the end of the world for you. Don’t hesitate to seek medical help and don’t let the failed attempts make you think that you are inferior to others in any ways. Stay positive and take the help from your doctor because science has developed so much these days that there is hardly anything which cannot be cured by medical sciences. Believe in yourself and remain strong throughout, you will eventually succeed.

  •  Always take care of hygiene:-

The moment you are thinking of a baby you must take care of hygiene.Chances of getting UTI gets higher when one is trying to conceive or is pregnant.Using natural intimate wash  after your gynae consultation can save you from lot of trouble ahead.As Everteen natural intimate wash is mild it is advisable to use it throughout pregnancy .You can purchase the product from most online shopping of India.


Herbal hygiene wash

Do share with us what are the things which you think you should take care when one is trying for a baby

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