10 Must Have Things in your Shopping Bag-

We all love going out and enjoy the most of it whenever we get a chance. And when it is something exciting like going on a short trip or a quick holiday with your loved ones…I don’t think anyone would be able to resist the elevated feeling of extreme happiness.

While planning for going out there are a hundred things which come in your mind and you should be well equipped with them, so that you don’t get caught in any kind of awkward situation and can enjoy your outing without any guilt…J

Well, what to pick and what to leave is basically the million dollar question when you have to get your shopping bag ready for the small outing.

So, here is a quick list of things which your bag should get loaded with so that you need not visit the supermarket, the moment you leave your house…!

  • Ø A small wallet bag-

small wallet bag

It is really very essential to keep some cash and important documents like your Identity card & credit cards. For that purpose, a small wallet bag is the best pick. It will keep these items at one place and will save you at times of need.

A small diary with a list of contact numbers of important persons in your life would be a good thing to keep in your small wallet.

A shopping bag must have some basic essential items like medications, tissue wipes, brush, mouthwash, body wash, hand sanitizer, mirror, cotton pads, body spray, hair brush, sunscreen etc so that any of your basic needs be fulfilled without any obstacles.

A small flashlight is a must have item in your shopping bag as you don’t know what awaits you in the journey, so a flash light proves to be extremely useful during that time.

  • Ø Useful Accessories-

Your shopping bag should ideally contain some accessories too which may be needed when you are out of your house. These include sunglasses, scarf, gloves & caps (in winters),

  • Ø Makeup items-

makeup items

While you are going out, you shouldn’t miss the most important thing in your bag which happens to be makeup items. A kajal, lip balm, lipstick, concealer, eye liner, , eye shadow, mascara, nail paints, face moisturizer, hair bands, safety pins, bobby pins come to great rescue when you are out.

intimate care supplies

This is very important from the point of view of safety & hygiene while going out. Your bag should be well stocked with period supplies like tampons or napkins. Disposable carry bags are of great use in such unavoidable situations. A pair of undergarments is a must as you might not want to wear the same undergarments, if your trip gets extended by a day or two.

Ideally, an intimate wash is very essential to be carried along just as how important a hand sanitizer is. This will ensure that if by any chance your trip got extended by a day, then you won’t feel uncomfortable with your body over hygiene issues. Never forget to take your intimate wash along with your body wash as it will keep you fresh and free from any infections while you are out. I recommend everteen Natural Intimate wash for this.

Herbal hygiene wash

  • Ø A pair of flat sandals-

It is very important to keep a pair of light weight flat sandals in your bag, as you may get tired of your boots or heeled sandals and might want to slip in comforting footwear.

Sometimes your high heels tend to crack while walking over a rough surface, so a flat sandal comes very handy in those types of situations.

  • Ø Candies-

This is sometimes so useful to save you from the embarrassment of bad breath during long hours of gap between two meals. A mint flavored candy is the best one to keep.

  • Ø Gadgets-

Useful gadgets like a mini tablet, Smartphone can save you from being bored during the journey itself so always remember to keep one with you in your shopping bag. Headphones should also be taken along with them.

Camera is something that should never be forgotten to take along in the shopping bag.

  • Ø Mini First Aid kit-

Keep your bag a little updated, with a mini supply of first aid, for the sudden adventures which may give you certain cuts or bruises. Carry along bandages, cotton and an anti-septic ointment for any emergency.

  • Ø Miscellaneous Items-

Items like water tumbler, knife set, scissors, keys (of your house), food items etc should be always kept along in the shopping bag.

You may not be aware but a small notebook & a pen is a very essential item that should be surely carried along in your bag.

Let’s also see what points to keep in mind while packing a shopping bag-

  • Ø Always choose a good sized shopping bag which is neither very bulky nor very small to take along with you.
  • Ø Don’t put all the items in your bag at one compartment; instead keep the items in different sized smaller bags so that you can easily find the item of your need.
  • Ø In case you have more than ten items to keep in your shopping bag, just think of what things you cannot live without and then make your choice of items wisely.

Do let us know what are your must have things in your shopping bag 🙂