10 Mistakes women make with men-

Relationships are very essential for a person. We are bonded by family and friends as we grow up and these relationships are basically the reflections of our behavior and personality as we mature. One relationship which gives a meaning to life and moulds a person’s thinking, nature and career accordingly is the romantic relationship between man & woman.

Man and woman involve on an emotional level first and build up a certain comfort level with each other and commit with each other.

There are certain adjustments one needs to make while in a relationship, either man or woman. While men are popularly tagged to commit more mistakes in a relationship, it is not that woman don’t make relationship mistakes. Here are top ten mistakes which are made by women when they are involved in a romantic relationship with men-

  • Ø Women don’t give enough space in a relationship-

The first and the most common mistake women commit is not giving enough or at all space to the man they are involved. It is natural to be attracted to the man of your dreams when you are romantically involved but that doesn’t mean you interfere in everything going on in his life.

It is important for a woman to understand that apart from you he has a circle of buddies, family also who need his care and attention equally.

  • Ø Women try to change their men-

women try to change their men

Another mistake made by most of the women is that they have the urge to change their men according to their choices and expectations. A relationship requires that you fall in love with the person as they are. It is not that you try to change them just because you wish. Imagine how it will feel if they try to change you and your behavior…!!

women get jealous of other women close to their men

Jealousy is another big mistake made by most women in a relationship. Many women have the thinking that while in a relationship a man can easily get distracted because of the close association of other woman so they act really stupid out of jealousy. It is important to have trust in a relationship. If you don’t trust your man, your relationship won’t last longer.

  • Ø Women act like mothers-

women act like mothers

It is obvious for a woman to become a mother some day but trying to act like one in the initial phase of a relationship is something very annoying. Men hate it when their partner start acting and nagging them just like their mothers and telling them what is right or wrong!

  • Ø Woman don’t have a life without their relationship-

It is mostly seen in many cases that when a woman is involved in a relationship, it becomes her whole life and all her future plans and decisions rest upon it. This is not a very good thing as they have a whole world of closed ones and friends outside the relationship who need equal time and attention as well.

  • Ø Woman don’t recognize the efforts put by their men-

It is a common mistake made by women is that they don’t appreciate the efforts put by their partners and expect those things more which they want them to do but ignore the other things their partners are willing to do or doing.

  • Ø Woman complain too much-

It is commonly seen that most of the women have a lot of complaints from their relationship or their partners. Sometimes they have stupid complaints over small things which gives rise to unnecessary arguments in the relation.

  • Ø Women think that men are not sensitive-

Those who think that only women can be associated with having feeling and are sensitive need to know that men too have a certain level of emotions which is equal to women or even more, the difference being the ability to express.

Women express their feelings better than men but that doesn’t means that they don’t possess feelings and are not sensitive.

  • Ø Women compare themselves with others-

This is probably the biggest mistake made by women in a relationship is that they start comparing their looks with other women and give more attention to these things instead of feeling superior to themselves. Every woman is beautiful in her own way and there is no reason of comparison as individual identity is what matters to most of men.

It is also seen in many couples that women have put all their faith in a relationship and expect their relation to be according to their perception of the most beautiful relation of the world. Every relation goes through the phases of ups & downs and grows stronger with time. There is nothing like a magically perfect relationship. Women need to understand this thing.

Sometime women are aware of their physical problem but still they do not try to work on them and instead they just let it go. Women thinks that howsoever she is treating the physical relationship with him, he is

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ok with. However that may not be the case, as a physical relationship too become stereotyped and boring over a period of time due to lack of appropriate care and aging of body parts including intimate parts.  For example.. vaginal laxity after delivery women- due to the bruises, tears and strains, the elasticity and tone of the vaginal muscles is lost, and the vag*na loses its shape and grip. . Instead of getting it back in shape they just ignore the complete thing.Both partners wants physical satisfaction and to make it work both should work on it.


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