Hello married women, this is for you!. When two individuals are engaged in an intimate relationship like marriage, there is a constant need to revive the spark in their relationship so that there is no chance of boredom or lack of excitement between them.

Married women tend to become less conscious of their body and appearance after marriage. The family responsibility comes first and then they start ignoring personal grooming and don’t pay much attention to their looks.

With the passage of time as the years are added to your marriage there is quite possibility that you may feel that you don’t have the same relationship with your partner as it was in the beginning. So, to help you with that, here are some dating ideas which married women can easily follow and make their married life happening and lively all over again-

Start dating each other again-


be intimate with one partner

Dating doesn’t ends with marriage and this surely needs to be done twice a month to rejuvenate the freshness in your married life. The venue, dress and all other details should be followed exactly as you are going on your first date and that you have to look stunning and drop dead gorgeous so that your husband can’t take his eyes off from you…!

Go on a beach dinner date-

Being married brings you the advantage to be intimate with other to the full extent possible and you don’t need to worry about anything else because the man is your husband itself. So, a beach date is the most romantic option for a married couple to visit and redefine the depth of their relationship with some exciting intimate moments.


Invite him to have dinner with you at home-

Married women can plan a romantic dinner at their own home itself and use a lot of ideas to give a surprise to their partner. This will break the monotony of the routine dinner which he is accustomed to all this while. Leave him a note for dinner at the said time and prepare accordingly. Take your time to get ready before him in your sexy black dress and when he returns, his senses too will be elevated by your sight itself…!

Watch a movie together-

You can opt for a romantic movie with your husband so that you get a little break from the daily chores of the house and you are able to spend some quality time with your partner while enjoying a rom-com!

Visit your honeymoon destination-


Couple Relaxing In Bubble Bath Together


As a married women, it is a great idea to revisit the place where your joys and intimacy with your partner had elevated. This will remind you the awesome relationship you both are having with each other so as to be able to revisit that place again. This will further strengthen your bond of love.

Go on a casual coffee date-


Working women don’t get enough time to plan an elaborate dinner at home for their husband so going on a brief coffee date or lunch date with your husband in his lunch time would be a great way to spend some time with him and to let him feel that you need to see him more than just at home after work…:)

Go on a date night at your favorite discotheque-


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It would be a great idea to go together to a discotheque with your husband and show him some of your sensuous & groovy moves so that he cannot wait to head home with you and drool over your body.

Visit an ice cream parlor with your husband-

Ice cream is surely delicious but it tastes heavenly in the bedroom. So, to let him feel this again, tag along with him to an ice cream parlor so that while you are moving your little tongue to lick the extra cream on the corners of the cone, he is surely imagining something far better than that…J:)

Book a reservation for a suite with a spa-

If you feel that your house is full of family members and some unwanted guests, it is better to book a suite with your husband and head over to explore the missing action…! After relaxing for a while make your time much more romantic by utilizing the spa for some couple relaxation and massage each other. This will not only sooth your senses but will also serve as the foreplay for the next course of action!

Visit your favorite spot prior to your marriage-

Whether it’s a love or arranged marriage, every couple has a favorite place which holds special place in their relationship as they mark the first kiss, holding hands or first hug between them. Re-visit that place with your partner and revive old memories.


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